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Customised Furniture – Oak Tabletop

AlCustomised Oak Tabletop

This customised oak tabletop was made for one of our friends.

The pattern was laser etched into his existing table top ( after we took the legs off) and was filled with black acrylic and re-sanded back.

He seems very happy with the result !

If you have any furniture you would like customising with your own patterns or designs, Contact Us for a free, no obligation quote!



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Signage – Wonderwall Shop – Affleck’s Palace

IMG_9961Wonderwall Hangings

Opened their new shop in affleck’s palace recently, so we made them some Signage to go in the shop.

The wood was sourced from a tree in Cheshire and was Planked, Planed & Sanded at our workshop with our friends from Gotwood

Drawn By The Light measured and arranged the lettering to fit perfectly onto this piece of character timber.

Check out their website at

If you have your own sign you would like made, contact us


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Bar Branding – Mantra Live

IMG_1596Bar branding for the Mantra Live venue behind our studio at Wellington Mill.

Using designs from nooridings, and some of our own additions we have branded the bar. We etched inlays for the bar top from a piece of oak, created a router jig for the bar top made from pine. We also etched glass for the bar front, which was filmed on the back with mirrored perspex behind to create a infinite mirrored effect. We branded the drinks board with the logo onto oak. We designed a custom pattern for a large oak panel for the end of the bar with the logo in the center.


If you wish to contact us about your own custom bar branding, feel free to contact us


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Wooden Gramaphone – OneFiveEight Exhibition

gramaphone Hand Illustrated, Laser Etched Gramophone.

Constructed as part of an exhibition,  NONE was asked to created artwork based on a piece of music submitted by producer/musician Elizabeth Vince.
The Gramophone was hand crafted from locally sourced natural wood then laser etched with hand drawn illustration. The horn was contructed from a laser cut sheet of ply, dated 1940 which was originally waiting to be used to form the cockpit of a hurracaine fighter plane.
Inside the Gramophone consisted of a hacked MP3 player which when triggered by a light sensor via a hole in the lid kick started the track playing through a small speaker in the horn as well as the tree slice “vinyl” spinning until stop by recovering the light sensor.