Adobe Photoshop – Basic

Creating A 1 Bit Bitmap File For Laser Cutting

In order to use our laser cutting service efficiently, you will need to produce a file which tells the laser cutter where to act.

A Bitmap file contains a pixel array which lists the value of each pixel; these bits can be either “on” or “off”. Our laser cutter reads these bits as laser on and laser off. wherever there is a black pixel, the laser will fire, and wherever a white pixel is the laser will not fire.

Open the image you would like to engrave.
You will need to convert the image into black and white (Alt + Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + B)
Using the controls provided, tune your image to give the best contrast and detail.

Next you will need to remove the colour information from the image. >Image > Mode > Greyscale
For images, we reccomend using a halftone screen to create your bitmap
File > Save As 
Choose Bitmap as the filetype
Make sure that the 1Bit Option is selected as the picture shows.